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Gayatri Jayaram Hot

Gayathri Jayaram, 20 years old, living in Chennai is a successful model. She said: She wants the international modeling world. She once a model now, and while working very time - consuming, Pierre and balance, Her time between modeling, training and activities of others. Her study Physiotherapy College SRM, near Chennai. Her mother a major inspiration and driving force that motivated Her count - that modeling in honor of Her mother, the driving force behind the success is.
The main achievement of their work in final stages of the Femina Miss India in January 2000 was the year in Pune has done. 8000 entry to Her way of achieving the final 26 were selected and made its entrance in Last 5 real beauty with brains. "She also won Miss Tamil Nadu" and "Miss South India." Previously a VJ for Fanta "Illimai Pudhumai" in SUNTV and "Phone Manipol" Vijay was on television. One of its tasks is the implementation of poverty and social services through various aid organizations, social service volunteering in India and is confident that She will be able to use their knowledge of physiotherapy, to help others improve their lives, interested in horse riding, swimming and aerobics in your spare time to do.

Beautiful girl discovered a number of confidence, the world modeling world cinema industry. Gayatri exceptions for this law in this industry choose to accept the film as springboard not only itcy - bitcy one song, as is the scene. Here, the first She talks and Her way of life.

Which is this movie is executed? Is this your first film?

I made three films, each in a different language. Was my first film "Neela", by Mr. Nagabharana was directed in Canada. Commercial film, more film. My second film in Tamil was with Prabhu Deva.

Where as a professional film you?

I was modeling in 1997, I was really happy, modeling, and I Ydlaymkhyrat Lara Datta and others 2000, Miss Universe contest in Iran were not the fourth. Then She moved to Bombay, I seriously do not modeling for 1 1 / 2 years. Long was the director suggested that won five national awards. Film was. This was very hard, and director, I win, so much of the weight on Her shoulders, She must win this time. I was challenged to the same place and not end even more challenges.

Do you think that video art right before enter the cinema industry as a heroine must glamdolls?

I do not know whether this was a step in the right, but it Works in video taught me a lot. I do not know what happens if I have the film. There is no hero movies, Article downloads in one character is built, it is here. I experience different emotions of one character.

Telugu has a new language, experience the work is here? Does She?

(Laughter) "Naku Telugu Radu and new language for me, but my deputy, described the scene with me sitting in a cup and understand what to do I suppose to be able to provide appropriate feelings.

What's your role in the film?

Well, the movie star and my company does Srikanth. This reconstruction of the Malayalam film called "ëè Parakum Talixa" can not really said much about my role, if I said one thing: "Are you still pop it in the works is the comedy.

What happened was ready for the role?

Fortunately, nothing more. I saw the film, so I am a very clear vision as to what I based what I did, what my manager expects me to do has been done.

As a newcomer, how much "say" in your clothes!

I think now I am a lot to say, but my video Canada, I had no choice as I played 'daughter Adivasi, so I had to wear whatever they account for me if I like it or not . In this film, most of my clothing is cotton.

Who do you think the best women's dress and the film industry is?

Karisma Kapoor.

Who do you any Hindi film?

Yes, my song "Asoka", "Raat Ka Nasha said:" I am in south India, so my job easier in the afternoon movie. I a wonderful experience to work with Mr. Santosh Sivan. We are New Jabalpur me or walk or rafts, dance, was very scary, because if I dropped raft 300 feet below, and someone had told me that water is possible. It was 52 and now at least dress. Very high temperature and heat stuttering.

Who do you think is the best man in dress and the film industry?

Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar.
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