Friday, April 2, 2010

Madhavi Latha Hot

Telugu movies are always looking for new people. There are some production houses which do not hesitate to start new parties. They bring a strong script and story line and cast a new hero and heroine.

It is always risky new cast star - the star is not important. But the advantage of looking for a new casting. First of all, free. Big stars draw big salaries and high fees to the skies. A second advantage is in the dates. Big stars are engaged in several projects, and they do not lose the day. Meanwhile, new stars, they give the amount of dates. Not a hysterics thrown these new members.

Madhavi Latha, a new angle has already made several films. And she was willing to look glamorous. Here are some of the exotic collection of photos from Madhavi Latha. Some of her then to Sarah, who is very beautiful and sexy. She is happy to show their belly and deep navel.

See all galleries - especially the latter which photos of Saree!
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  1. Hiiiiiii Latha how r u ? iam getting mad about ur beautiful body & structure ohhhhhhhhhh my godddddddddd what eys yarrrrrrrr I seen ur acted telugu movie seniythuda it was very nice movie & especially ur acting amaging. iam looking for u girl to marry haaaaaaaaaaa.