Friday, April 2, 2010

Nayanthara Hot

Total Tamil film industry look that hot steam when both said they would love each other. This is the first of which Nayanthara accepted to be in love with her. They should strengthen the relationship during the filming of "Vallavan", is the fact that the couple fell in love ..!

Simbu simply not accept it so easily. In conclusion she said: "What can I say about my character? Everyone has a good cooperation. Trisha was a good friend to me and was Jyothika and Rakshitha. But there is something special Nayan. We mood is good, and she said my opinion . Every time I see her, my heart jumps. I do not know if it's friendship or something beyond it. Of course, it must be for your friendship, she never felt this way at any time in my life other girls.

She even had to begin there, she said: "If I was in love with her, I would tell you. I am a transparent person and I do not believe in hiding things. I told my father too. The houses have no problems. When the show girl of my father and say that I want to marry her, my father would be the first person to say "yes." We're more like friends than father and son. "

But they were met Stoubtsy local tabloid gossip for months together ..! This was an open secret, known throughout the film industry that they love each other, though not confirmed that Simbu you with simple words.

Nayanthara make the whole world knows that she was in love with Simbu and she does the same when she was in the north all ties with Simbu, she is bold enough to declare that she broke up with Simbu once and forever.

It was said that their relationship deteriorated during the shooting of Vallavan. It was reported that Simbu started to give more importence (!) Its membership rolls Reemasen. What is unbearable for Nayanthara and she decided to break to break their relationship.

When fans of the collapse, they usually drown in misery for several months. But this is quite different measures and concerns Simbu Nayantara. It was reported that Nayantara birthday shooting in Hyderabad for a Telugu film and during the birthday party, she said: "Break My with Simbu is the best birthday present for me. Putting your relationship with her behind me as bad dream and start a new life. That is why I want to celebrate a great.

After a few days after their release, many sites are publishe Some intimate couples kissing pictures that were taken using a camera with a timer. These pictures seem to be very private and accepted when the screen is strong in their relationship.

Nayantara reacted immediately and said: "I'm sure my Simbu hand for the release of these photographs in the media. Simbu has shown its true face, even considering that I'm a girl and a future. It took a lot of my shots, and when introduced said she deleted them.

Simbu did not say a word about it, and is busy with messages next project. Her mobile was switched off, but her father told her that the images were morphed and not her son. Simbu friends do not even know its location ..!

In the interest of the two stars that would be good if the photos as it is distributed in the future. The two stars have very good future in film industry and gives us hope that they can do Dont spoil as unwanted controversy.

It was reported that Simbu is trying to offset with a broken relationship, but Nayantara is unwavering in her decision and was not prepared to compromise ...! Lately, not during the hunger strike organized by the Association of Film Tamil Nadu, Nayantara has even say a word about it when Simbu came and sat beside her.

It was stated that when she was in love with Simbu, she used to call her on her mobile for hours, and it is often late for her arrows. But, after splitting, it is very accurate and cordial cooperation in the stars. It is to concentrate on her career and has almost become the number one Tamil actress. It was said that it passes the RS 1 crore prize Mark ..!!!

Both Simbu and Nayanthara hit the headlines for a long time and quite incorrect. After numerous rumors about her alleged love and decay of the couples seem to have special news to give. It is said that Simbu and Nayanthara is a patch work of mood ..!!!

According to sources, Simbu and Nayanthara in the group met at the star hotel in Chennai. She also stated that Trisha and Vishal have a significant role in their patch to ..!

It is noteworthy that recently held a hunger strike in Tamil cinema industry, Simbu Nayanthara and not say a word to each other, although they sat side by side.

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